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the pharmaceutical industry in the UK discovered more leading more leading medicines than any other country except the U .S. And combined as much as the rest of Europe. the Long-Term Leadership Strategy shows between the government and the pharmaceutical industry has grown up, as we shape the future environment for drugs now look. Even pharmaceutical companies in a significant added value to the British economy, the industrial verbringt.2 billion for research and development UK accounting for almost accounting for almost 10 percent of global R & D spending.

The European Group of Government input support of the EU High Level Pharmaceutical Forum in areas such as pricing, relative effectiveness and information for patients. Longer-term goalsendations of the third group address at each stage of the approval process, starting with the way clinical trials are approved, developing further opportunities for the industry and the regulator to discuss the way new drugs are being developed, and improve mechanisms to monitor the safety of these products in everyday use. Some of them can be achieved at the national level, but others are longer-term goals as we the European Commission and the European Commission and the other Member States. Sir David Cooksey in his recent report, ‘A review of UK health research funding ‘ advocated a new development path to increase the translation of health research into clinical practice cost drugs. The Long-Term Leadership Strategy is an important first step along this path, and the MISG will forward Cooksey Cooksey. Long-Term Leadership Strategy.

According to Dr. Law this IAN Project is well placed in order to facilitate many of these studies for the future. To date, more than 60 scientists renowned institutions across the country hold applied IAN dates, including the use of: nation Institute of Mental Health, Harvard Medical School in, Yale Medical School and Mt Sinai School of Medicine. We are are just now beginning to scrape the surface to the complex matters relating to autism Even though we have made some progress, a lot more work doing through information and education even more families and researchers across the country will over the IAN Project, we can continue to organize and mobilize, which autistic the Community research efforts than 13 Gary Goldstein, President and CEO Kennedy Krieger Institute.

* Maternal Depression: People that use in IAN Project 46 per cent of 46 % of mothers and children with autism, diagnosis of depressions, against – For dates accumulated as far, has important IAN the project insight, including the overall unveiled populations, which 20 % of women face with clinical depression in their lifetime.