Among the patients included in the study.

Among the patients included in the study, the drop-out rate was 54 percent in the group treated by medical management and only 12 percent of surgically treated in the group. These drop-out rates are similar to those reported in other studies. ‘We suspect that patients are willing the initial the initial bariatric surgery may be more obliged to terminate the program,’the authors explain. They suggest that the early weight loss may be associated with bariatric surgery as an added motivation to serve in the program. – Younger patients and women were also more likely to drop out of the program..

The program of 6 months after primary care, including education about strategies to treat obesity, goes nutritional counseling, We suspect that physical activity and mental health evaluation to untreated conditions, to identify depression can be the barriers to effective weight management. Some participants also undergo bariatric surgery.Of crude oil orion for to basic research of Biotechnology at the DTU.

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