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amazon herbsCompany Amazon Herb, the innovator in the field of rainforests vegetative, has started an innovative line of highly concentrated rainforest grasses in hybrid system of delivery which combines power of a liquid of a grass with convenience of vegetarian capsules.The new line named “Liquizon” replaces an existing line of the company of powders encapsulated grasses.
It Liquizon the ruler of products includes a leader of the company of the formula of type of illumination (a combination from eighteen grasses of rainforests) and Una de Gato (also known as the Cat’s claw, a powerful immunomodulator and the formula is used by many, which or prevention of a cancer and struggle against a cancer). Other products include Liquizon the Soldier, Sumacazon (on the basis scrip and a poppy), Recovazon (for restoration after a trauma or physical activity), Calmazon (removes stress, calms mind and a body), Arcozon and others.

Departing from typical plastic bottles it is used for the majority of food additives, Liquizon the line of products is packed in non-polluting processed papers of a box which are simultaneously stylish and convenient. Inside, ten separate envelopes each of which contains three capsules, doing thirty capsules of the general in a box. Company Amazon Herb works over new liquids encapsulation to technology and packing of production during more than a year.

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Vest opinion on products Liquizon

I am always impressed companies Herb of Amazon. Not only the companies to ethics, aspiration to ecological stability, economic support of radical tribes of Amazonia and honesty in business dealing with people, but also remarkable vision of the company.They always to think of it in advance. Amazon John have started to grow up Kamju Kamju of trees in Peru eight years ago, for example, and, at last, could start a product of Kamju in the beginning of this year. With the Lluvia in a line on care of a skin as she searches really to train people (and not only to push products), the company always seems to acquire this right.
This innovative spirit completely is present in new grocery rulers Liquizon. Roughly speaking, I am really impressed Liquizon. When I have received on hands the product samples, the first that I have made, it is a pop capsule in a mouth and to chew on it (instead of simply to swallow). It because the unique way to learn a herbal medicine potentiality is its taste.

And the boy, I its taste. At me a full mouth of a liquid grassy concentrates which simply to leave the majority of tincture in a dust. These grasses seldom meet a potentiality in the industry of food additives. Product Kavazon Liquizon, for example, which is made with Kava, the pricking, and then slightly grows dumb language. Here is how you know that this real business. You can easily taste medicinal bitter in Recovazon (one of my favourite products), or Una useful intensity de Gato.

Whether it be the Chinese grasses or a rainforest vegetative, I prefer taste of a medicine I accept. But you can’t (in the majority of the western countries which eat too much sugar, to find these grasses, to be extremely bitter). And here all essence of capsules. You can take these grasses and derive from them benefit, without having them to try, if you don’t want.

There are other two basic advantages it is necessary to note. Liquid forms of these grasses are much more powerful, than powders, and they it is much easier to acquire.There practically there is no digestion it is necessary on everything, and with such quantity of the people, suffering the weakened digestion and suboptimum gastric acid, very much an important point. In format Liquizon, these products go for work at once even if you don’t have the best digestion.

Others worthy also has put that there is no alcohol in these Liquizon production.Company Amazon Herb for a long time already offered the same grasses in infusion a format but to accept the big doses of these grasses, it was necessary to drink more than some shots of alcohol, at the same time. And personally I don’t drink alcohol recreational, so I not its admirer. Actually, Amazon tinctures were a unique source of alcohol in my diet. But I am happy to say goodbye to alcohol shots and to rise on Liquizon capsules which I have found actually I enjoyed. Capsule illumination, for example, actually is tasty! And I receive mine Amazon grasses more often now, when they in a capsule a format.

Liquizon capsules also to take with itself during travel much easier. They it is less, easier also can be packed in a bag or a portfolio. They won’t be flood or leak (if you don’t attack them). It is to really super-convenient form of rainforests of medicine.Prestigiousness of company Herb Amazon for this purpose last innovations in medicine of rainforests for consumers.

Hold a hand on pulse

By the way, company Amazon the Grass grows fast rates. And here many companies has really got the big problems. How you remain are based on yours of ethics, passion and vision when the company receives is so great, what it necessarily should deal with several departments and officials?
And some companies when they reach till the certain size, in a cave to get profit of pressure and start to dilute their formulas. It hasn’t occurred in general to company Herb of Amazon, and knowing their style of a management, I don’t think that it will be. But it is a call, which typically successful, fast-growing companies of an additive. We will hope that Amazon John can insist on preservation of this product, pure and powerful the next years as it was last years. My own recommendations of this company, for example, completely depends on it remaining true current philosophy of pure products, protection of woods and fair business practice.

It, possibly, never will be “mainstream” because the average consumer isn’t interested in payment for quality of additives. Average consumers want diluted, the additives candied by a covering which allow them imagine that they receive a good food if they actually aren’t present. Only special type of, focused on quality the consumer really to understand, why Amazon Vegetative products are so unique and valuable. (And why they cost more expensive, than other competing products. They costs, believe to me.)

Real medicine

It is real medicine, by the way. I at all didn’t tell about the medicine, found in these products, and it not a place for detailed all such, but the short version that in my opinion, these products contain real, natural medicine that the nature that we consume has created .
At my unique sight, and on the basis of considerable independent research, these products can eliminate completely necessity practically for all sold prescription medical products (work with your natural the doctor on it, all right?). They contain powerful connections which were is scientifically proved for destruction of cancer tumors, protects nervous system from oxidizing damage, to clear a liver and to protect it from toxic chemical substances, stabilizes sugar level in blood, strengthens heart, to stop a pain in joints (that eliminates necessity of the recipe anesthetizing), sharply to raise mood and mental functions, to raise a turn and many other things.

And it only an iceberg top. There are literally thousand phytochemical to find in the plants used by company Herb of Amazon and even the most skilled chemists factory in the world till now I do not know that all benefits can be.

Personally I now chewing on capsule illumination some times in day, plus some Recovazon to help me to recover from intensive physical trainings. I also accepting Kavazon in the evenings, when I want to have a rest and relax. I take the Soldier the formula a pair of clocks before training in capoeira, and I have noticed, phenomenal endurance of benefit. I mean really amazing endurance.

I will bring to you of more reports about Liquizon products in the near future. There still many to tell. At the same time, I call you to try these products. The reference through Terri Petstsi, the distributor of Amazon more low allows to order. So you know, I don’t have financial communications with it, and I will earn nothing from any sale of a product.It simply ruler of products so well that you should try it independently. I recommend to its everything that I know.