Although researchers were aware of the disadvantages of this type of study.

Declares iron, – lower socioeconomics often enroll more women and younger patients from higher socioeconomic groups. The gender bias is particularly common in clinical studies for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, the women make more than men. ‘ VA medical data complements information obtained from other sources because VA patients are predominantly male and older and include a higher proportion of African Americans and individuals of lower socio-economic groups do as a general studies, Eisen says. – the scientists are working with VA database records was closely followed by the VA of the Human studies Committee to ensure patient data is accessed accordingly and used monitors. Iron suggests that researchers should conduct studies like this already on other medications approved for clinical use..

Iron and Chuck Siva, a rheumatology fellow investigators were of the study, which was carried out in collaboration with several other VA medical centers throughout the country.From by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, to the Fund Concert pour l ‘? aide a la research, to the Fund Qu? Cois de la Recherche sur la Soci? et la Culture, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Fonds for Research de Santé.