All natural state on food labels is often deceptive.

This came to light recently when I published an article about autolyzed yeast extract comprising MSG, and I was contacted by the product manufacturer of a popular veggie burger product who claimed that my content was incorrect, that their product didn’t contain MSG, and they used only all-natural elements. I replied by reading their PR person the list of ingredients printed right on their own package , then I showed them documentation helping the known truth that autolyzed yeast extract always contains MSG, and that autolyzed yeast extract can be used for only 1 purpose in produced foods: as a chemical taste enhancer. It does not have any additional purpose in the realm of meals science.About Abbott At Abbott, we’re committed to helping you live your very best possible lifestyle through the energy of health. For a lot more than 125 years, we’ve brought new products and systems to the world – in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and top quality generic pharmaceuticals – that create more options for more folks at all stages of life. Today, 73,000 folks are working to help people live not only longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.. Acute kidney Failure – are you a possible victim? Acute Kidney failure is usually also called Acute Renal Failing or Acute Kidney Damage.