All about Citalopram Drug

Citalopram has moderately long half-life of SSRIs. The withdrawal syndrome or SSRI withdrawal syndrome is quite common among patients who discontinue medication like citalopram once citalopram cost . The typical syndrome is pretty sweet, and is described as dizziness or spaciness in the head, as if brain turns slightly slower than head. A small number of patients suffer from sharp pains in my head as electrical and shoulders. These symptoms usually disappear within days and is more annoying than serious for most patients, although in a small proportion of patients can be very distressing. Most doctors recommend a gradual taper off SSRIs like citalopram, particularly from higher doses, in order to reduce the probability symptoms of abstinence syndrome with SSRIs.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that snoring is a warning sign for obstructive sleep apnea, a common form of SDB that occurs when the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapse and block the airway during sleep. Snoring is associated with sleep apnea tend to be noisy and may include obvious pauses in breathing and gasps for breath. Parents often notice that your child seems to be working hard to breathe during sleep.

Each child was assessed by physical examination and monitored for nine hours, during a night of polysomnography in a sleep laboratory.

The results indicate that BMI and waist circumference, but not neck circumference, were significant predictors of PSD and strong at all levels of severity of primary snoring, mild and moderate SDB SDB. Nasal anatomic factors such as chronic sinusitis, rhinitis and nasal discharge were significant predictors of minority status was associated with mild SDB, primary snoring and mild SDB. Tonsil size, assessed by visual inspection, it was not a significant risk factor for any level of SDB. Overall, 1.2 % of children had moderate SDB (an apnea / hypopnea five or more breathing pauses per hour of sleep), 25 % had mild SDB (AHI of at least one but less % five years) and 15.5 had primary snoring.

The overall average AHI was 0. The study suggests, however, that the causes of SDB in children are more complex, there may be a systemic effect on obesity, and that tonsillectomy may not always be the most effective first-line treatment.