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The building will be about 13,500 square meters and will comprise such sections as a treatment facility, clinic, patient hotel with about 90 rooms and a restaurant. ‘The technology and apparatus getting deployed at the clinic needs advanced construction technology and considerable workmanship. Our visualization program, which features the construction documents in 3D, obviously shows the building’s style and construction procedure. Related StoriesPeople in low-income countries lack access to life-saving cancers treatmentCancer treatment does not affect pregnancy end result, shows new studyOraya therapy is effective in maintaining eyesight with reduced injections for wet AMD patientsThe Skandion Clinic may be the to begin its kind in the Nordic area. Of traditional radiotherapy using X-ray radiation or electron radiation Instead, treatments at the Skandion Clinic shall use protons.Insidious negativity In the centre of the psychic plague is an insidious inner negativity; a consistent, mindful or unconscious self-loathing that manifests in a occasionally loud, extremely subtle inner voice that drives you mad sometimes. Most people passively experience their inner negativity. Basically, they react as if it had been some outside force that’s imposing its tyrannical will. This is not the case. Your inner negativity is YOU. Nevertheless, it is a right part of you that is exposed to the psychic plague and needs to heal. You are the one that must heal your exposure. It shall never stop alone. So long as you remain passive, it will oppress you. And it gets worse over time. The psychic plague can be a progressive disease, like all autoimmune illnesses. Try this – for one full day, write down every detrimental self-criticism or feeling you have.