AHA announce support for passage of Patient Affordable and Protection HEALTHCARE Act Today.

Excerpts from AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock’s letter today to Loudspeaker Pelosi announcing the association’s support for the legislation: With respect to the 5,000 members of the American Hospital Association , I am writing to express our support for passage of the individual Protection and Affordable HEALTHCARE Act , and the accompanying changes in the reconciliation expenses connected with that measure. As hospitals, our objective is to ensure universal coverage for health care services. Like you, we believe that goal is achievable, which legislation moves the country to that goal closer. We also appreciate the important provisions within the legislation that may provide caregivers with important tools the product quality and delivery of patient services.The findings, which support a long-held take on how MS might develop, are released in The Journal of Infectious Diseases and now available online ( MS can be an autoimmune disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord, leading to inflammation and nerve damage as the body’s immune cells attack the nervous system. Feasible causes that may result in the inflammation include environmental, genetic, and viral factors. One virus that is associated with MS is varicella zoster virus, the cause of herpes zoster. The control group was chosen randomly from a pool of subjects who had not been identified as having herpes zoster or additional viral illnesses.