AG Coakley are declared Blue Cross Blue Shield decision to suspend the directors’ remuneration

The issue of compensation directors’ is more than Blue Cross, though. It called on the advice of the three other insurers, non-profit to re-evaluate their practice director for compensation, and our investigation of this matter is ongoing.The Elder Abuse Forensic Center brings together legal, medical, social services and law enforcement experts to better understand, identify and treat elder abuse, help to prevent and identify more effective ways to successfully prosecute cases.

We are encouraged by the fact that Blue Cross has made this positive step today to suspend the directors’ remuneration. We were also informed that they consider this practice as part of a broader dialogue on their classification as a public charity and what it takes to compete in the market. We believe it is important that you engage in this discussion, and we are pleased to participate in the dialogue while being aware of our regulatory and supervisory role.

The remuneration of the board of public charities in Massachusetts is extremely rare, and for good reason.

As part of our ongoing investigation on the remuneration of directors, we asked the board of health insurance, non-profit foundation with which to justify are compensated for them, and were not satisfied by these answers.