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After Gleeson, the results were dramatic, as almost none of the mice survived in this strain to adulthood that the deaths may on epilepsy recorded. Scientists electroencephalograms, which measure electrical activity produced by the firing of neurons in the brain, and found severe epilepsy in all mice tested Even more surprising was the site the epileptic focus. Or the website from which the seizures were generated – that was under the surface the brain, the hippocampus is.

Cortical dysplasia, ie disordered development of the cerebral cortex, in in 25 to 40 % of children with the most severe and difficult to treat forms of epilepsy. These children have often come to the attention of specialists due to stagnation in the acquisition of language and balance skills and accompanying epilepsy. As small muscle twitching or eyelid fluttering – to dramatic whole body, tonic-clonic spasms , only essential function of the body, the symptoms of these children display subtle subtle. The Gleeson team of researchers Geraldine Kerjan, PhD and Hiroyuki Koizumi studied, since a condition called ‘lissencephaly. ‘ Children with lissencephaly have a smooth brain surface. The normal hills and valleys, the missing characteristic of the human brain The researchers have been successful recently in the development of a mouse model that some of the features of this disease, was usually the first step in understanding the cause of a genetic disorder.The daily Women’s Health policy coverage free service is to the National Partnership for Women & Families by the Advisory Board Company be released.. According to a study, to preclude no clear results of BRCA genetic test may usually have been were. Their results as the women who obtained positives, the significant results also hindered female from the possibility of to to their results as easily as women which the negative results obtained This study, of Leiden University Medical Center in Holland, on the long-term psychological adjusting 215 female, 147 of them obtained no meaningful results performed focusing. Thirty-seven women received positive results and 31 of receiving true – negative Results The, say the researchers.