Adenovirus used to destroy cancer tumor cells With nearly $1 million in government funding.

That’s when we emerged up with the idea of modifying the adenovirus with dNTP. Their adenovirus vector consists of mutant DNA polymerase that should activate just in cells with a higher concentration of dNTP, such as cancer cells. When the working job is performed, the adenovirus should die out. Unwanted effects should end up being minimal. Since the adenovirus will not contain toxic components, the worst-case scenario will be that it could cause contamination in the body’s healthful cells, generating flu-like symptoms that are treatable, Kim said.Abbott also is working with AmeriCares actively, Catholic Medical Mission Plank, Direct Relief International, Heart to Center International, MAP International, Task Hope and additional organizations to identify and distribute critical nutritional and pharmaceutical products that may provide immediate alleviation for people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. In addition, Abbott volunteers in the Dallas area are preparing to support the initiatives of the American Red Cross to respond to the disaster in Haiti.

African-American women’s magazines much more likely to encourage fad diets Publications catering to African-Americans may be falling in their efforts to teach readers about weight reduction short, a new University of Iowa study suggests.