Achilles heel of aggressive breast cancer

Because it interacts directly with Src NEDD9, a protein that has been the main goal the development of drugs, the lead author of the study, Mahendra K. Singh, Ph.D., examined whether the Src inhibitor dasatinib, already approved for the treatment of cancer, would control the aggressive tumors NEDD9 lacking. He found that dasatinib rapidly killed cancer cells deficient NEDD9, even at low dosesSchistosomiasis is a parasitic disease most common in the world that affects 200 million people and causing serious disease in 20 million people. However, adverse events were more than twice as common with praziquantel compared with the combination of artesunate (22 percent vs. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.

In an unexpected twist, Fox Chase Cancer Center researchers find that the loss of a single protein, NEDD9, slows the starting lineup, but then made the most aggressive tumors that arise. The good news is that the lack of aggressive tumors NEDD9 also makes it more sensitive to a class of drugs that are already used clinically.

Golemis, Singh and colleagues now hope to collaborate with colleagues in clinical trials to compare the action of the drug in patients with breast cancer whose tumors have a low NEDD9 expression. My impression is that this will be very important to understand how best to treat patients in the future, said Singh.