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Enrollees in continuity will pay 20 percent of the current premium on an individual policy monthly reserve insurance afforded by this policy for the future, according to the Times. Monthly fees are the age, gender, location and selected coverage plan depend each enrollee. According to the Times, most people who are currently ill not eligible for the product. Members must have a medical examination in order to gain access to the product.

‘I think it is very, very limited use came, ‘he added. In addition, said some health reform advocates that the government should do more to make sure everyone has access to coverage instead of expecting individuals ‘spend hundreds of dollars a year for a warranty that may not need them, ‘the Times reports.. Bob Weinberg, an insurance broker, that continuity is useful for someone gaps in coverage through an employer, but that he does not expect the product provided broad appeal anticipates making. Given the current economic crisis, many people may not want to spend money for future coverage, he said.Smoker is known to detrimental to your health on a couple of reasons but it can also catching the influenza rather.

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