According to the results from the pacing presented avoid heart enlargement study.

Bi – ventricular pacing has been shown to reduce symptoms, extend survival and reduce heart size in symptomatic heart failure patients, but it is not currently approved for use with pacemaker patients with normal pumping hearts. PACE data were presented today as a late-breaking clinical science session published on the Scientific Sessions 2009 of the annual congress of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida and online in the New England Journal of Medicine.. Medtronic sponsored study shows Bi – Ventricular Pacing superior right ventricle in the prevention of cardiac enlargementpacing the two lower chambers of the heart, or bi – ventricular pacing prevents enlargement of the heart than stimulation of the right ventricle in pacemaker patients compared with normal heart pumping, according to the results from the pacing presented avoid heart enlargement study, a clinical trial of Medtronic support.

. Clinical evidence provides stimulation only when and where patients need, it is important for improving the care of pacemaker patients, said Marshall Stanton, vice president of clinical research for at Medtronic. At Medtronic. exclusively using the Medtronic pacing mode MV, managed Ventricular Pacing, which is the only available technology that unnecessary right ventricular pacing reduced by 99 %, and the ongoing BLOCK – bi – bi – ventricular pacing study, Medtronic offers physicians devoted to the latest tools and clinical evidence adequate adequate medical care to their pacemaker patients. .For example, if Hospital. Ellow Curry Can reduces an enlarged heart and cardiac insufficiency prevented.

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