About venous ulcerFor more than half a million patients in the U priligy 30.

About venous ulcerFor more than half a million patients in the U.S. Suffer with peptic ulcers each year, the healing process and expensive and can and expensive and can seriously impair quality of life priligy 30 http://priligygen.com . Of all ulcer types are venous ulcers, the most common thing. The loss of 2 million working days and nearly $ 3 billion a year in treatment in the U.S. The substantial costs that are associated with venous ulcers, the prevalence of the display as well as the long duration of treatment. Has been demonstratedess for venous ulcers may be more than a year in some cases and often requires significant healthcare resources during the healing process. Although venous ulcers significant burden on significant burden on patients and the U.S. Healthcare system, the existing treatments are not completely address these unmet need.

NEXAGO reached the endpoints of safety, reduction in wound size and complete healing after four weeks in the randomized, vehicle-controlled, double-blind, phase 2 new study. Based on these convincing results Coda plans to initiate additional investigations NEXAGO and planned a short-term end-of – Phase 2 meeting with the FDA potential potential registration studies regulatory approval marketing approval. The high-dose three-arm trial randomized 98 patients to receive at multiple sites to low or high dose NEXAGO treatment or vehicle, in addition to compression bandaging . After only three applications over a four – week treatment period showed high-dose NEXAGO a 69 percent reduction in the size of leg ulcers. In addition was complete healing of 31 percent of the wounds in the high-dose treatment arm seen five times higher than complete healing in the vehicle arm. It is important, no drug-related adverse events observed in either the low or high dose NEXAGO arms, confirmed favorable safety profile results from earlier preclinical and Phase 1 clinical studies. Serena Serena, a new study investigator and Founder and Medical Director of the Penn North Centers for Advanced Wound Care, said: ‘The data from CODA Phase 2 NEXAGO study are very impressive therapeutically, especially in light of the accelerated complete wound healing and excellent safety profile after only four weeks of treatment. By targeting the inhibition of connexin43, U.S. Health care system ‘master switch’in wound healing, NEXAGO was developed both the speed both the speed and quality of the tissue repair and inflammation simultaneously administration. If patients can experience better and faster treatment results, NEXAGO has to deal with the potential for significant treatment limitations and economic burden of chronic wounds in patients and insurers imposed. ‘.

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