A systematic review.

A systematic review, however, found that despite the widespread practice, few people had conducted research to see whether it is actually beneficial. The Cochrane review authors found four small research trials, 449 women participated.

Other investigators were Philip R. Holland, UCSF; Carol T. Schembri and Joe P. Fredrick, Neuralieve, Sunnyvale, CAThe research was funded by Neuralieve, of Sunnyvale, California, which provided the TMS technology for the study. Goadsby has Neuralieve as consultants, for which he received an honorarium.The University Medical Center by in Manchester, In the United States transplantation was performed now conducted another transplant. By Nizar Yonan, the hospital transplantation Director, both the transplant was successful. ‘Because of the STEEN solution of method which of the lung to test the function of the lung outside the body, lung could be were used, do not to question of have been possible without that aid of technology. Kenneth Collins, out of from COPD , is the first patient in UK and is grateful to have his life back. He said the BBC that ‘ feels ‘a minimum of 10 to 15 years younger. ‘.

At the beginning of the September Vitrolife announced in that lung transplant the first time the STEEN Solution Technology had been conducted outside Sweden. Been earlier in the development and first clinical use eight transplants are STEEN solution of the University Hospital of Lund, where the technology was developed at the direction of Professor Stig Steen done.