A possessed subsidiary of Quality Systems wholly.

With the breadth and depth of our suite of solutions right now on offer though a SaaS model, we are assured that NextGen Healthcare can offer all medical specialties a total offering. Our versatile SaaS model allows smaller practices to get the same benefits of health care automation as their bigger counterparts at a price they can afford. Consistent with our Money-Back Warranty, we’ve also promised the AMA our software will evolve to meet up the requirements of Meaningful Use. .. AMA selects NextGen Ambulatory Practice and EHR Administration for new online platform NextGen Healthcare Info Systems, Inc., a possessed subsidiary of Quality Systems wholly, Inc. It shall provide physicians usage of information, services and products with a single, secure sign-on.Just how big a deal that’s depends, of program, on your job. The other day, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged it will have done even more to investigate a tip that security guards routinely got naps while face to face at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant. It wasn’t until a videotape of guards sleeping in a ready room at the Peach Bottom plant in south-central Pennsylvania surfaced several months after it got the end that the NRC announced in September a particular investigation.