A person with cerebral palsy will usually show symptoms in the first three years of life.

Crawls in an unusual way. Favors one side of the body opposite to the other. Have abnormal muscle tone – the child will be slouch when sitting. Muscle tone refers to a person, to streamline the auto ability and relax muscles when required. Has poor coordination and balance . Has control of the bladder function problems. Is bowel control problems. Difficulties, feeding and sucking. Has hearing problems. Has involuntary, slow writing movements . Has overdeveloped or underdeveloped muscles . Has problems swallowing. PhD eyesight. Has seizures. He lies down in awkward positions. Muscles are stiff and contract abnormally . Range of movement is limited. Cerebral Palsy Among Term and post – term births Dag Moster, PhD, PhD, Allen J., Stein Emil Vollset, DrPH; Trond Markestad, PhD; Rolv Terje Lie, PhD JAMA.

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