A leading researcher and associate professor of surgery.

Peter Laird, a leading researcher and associate professor of surgery, biochemistry and molecular biology, has been appointed Director of the Centre A formal opening is planned for January 2008. – In the past year the center has five National Cancer Institute grants five Foundation awards two California Institute for Regenerative Medicine seed grants and three CIRM basic research grants obtained.

Say the authors. Vaccine DesignResearchers at the Scripps Research Institute have developed a new two-punch strategy against HIV and they have already been successfully tested in the laboratory aspects.Six month Dr from Dr. Of Dr. Dr. Heart Ware Clinical results ofHeartWare Limited , a developer in miniaturized implantable heart pumps on treating severe heart failure, had first results by any international clinical trial of the HeartWare left ventricle Assist System. The results were presented by Dr. Georg Wieselthaler presented cardiothoracic surgical Vienna General Hospital, at the annual congress the International Society Heart and Lung Transplant, Boston.

Eight of the patients been of to the HeartWare of periods not exceeding 12 months is a full – one patient who was assisted for over 500 days ago supporting.. The dates presented by Dr. Wieselthaler numbers show a six-month survival of 91 % of on the first 23 patient implanting with of the Heart Ware. 23 patients, 21 patients came which study’s primary endpoint, the survival of survival about 180 days of or transplants. These included 19 patients who been supported by the HeartWare system with 180 days and two patients receive transplantation, after 157 day and one hundred and seventy-six days and. Wieselthaler pointed out that a key feature to the pump is its small size, there implanted implanted in the breast , which requires the belly surgery usually, 12 months of implanting rival device has permitted.