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In the report two cases of penile reconstruction for penile skin loss to demonstrate to demonstrate the use of the modified VAC. VAC first case is a 31 year old man underwent injection of a silicone-like substance in the subcutaneous tissue of the penis for the purpose of penile augmentation. A non – physician had performed this procedure 5 months prior to referral. The implant was complicated by draining sinuses and systemic symptoms such as fever and malaise, the full-thickness debridement of the skin of the entire shaft and a 1 – in required. Radius of skin of his pubic area and upper scrotum. Local tissue transfer was used to the pubic and scrotal regions and a thick was used crosslinked STSG 1:1.5, in order to cover the penis, was close. Skin graft skin graft, 5-0 chromic constructed constructed, in addition on a framework of wooden tongue depressor to VAC GranuFoam to provide support. The penis was placed on stretch within this scaffold and placed to suction and left this way for 5 days while the patient was on strict bed rest. At 5 days, the VAC and the Foley were removed, a dressing was placed from xeroform, and the patient was discharged home. Follow-up at 8 weeks showed complete graft take and excellent cosmetic and functional results.

Democrats also attacked the Republicans to remove the provisions that the Senate would have reached $ 22 billion in savings by reducing excessive Medicare for insurance companies and eliminating a money market fund is used to draw the plans towards achieving Medicare benefits.

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In March 2009 the United Nations (UN) meetings, which coincides with World Water Forum, Canada, Russia and the United States refused to support a statement that recognizes water as a basic human right. But this goes against considerable evidence that access to water, which is essential for health, is in danger, say the editors. According to the World Health Organization, 1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, and there are 2.6 billion others lack adequate sanitation services, and these numbers should increase. The UN estimates that 2.8 billion people in 48 countries live in conditions of water stress or water scarcity by 2025.

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, as expected, during the operation To undescended testes the risk of testicular cancer.