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Efforts are also underway for the production of clinical trial medications and protocol review by an Institutional Review Board. The multi-middle trial is intended to occur at up to six main ALS centers in the usa. The sufferers will be randomized into treatment and complementing placebo groups and can receive clinical trial medicines for 12 weeks with periodic monitoring. The prepared co-principal endpoints are: 1) determining the safety of AEN-100 at 150 mg given to sufferers once daily with ALS by assessing adverse events and measuring zinc and copper amounts every three months; and 2) determining the efficacy of AEN-100 by assessing the rate of disease progression as measured by the ALSFRS-R, a revised ALS useful rating scale that incorporates assessments of respiratory function.A scan isn’t painful, but sometimes can be scary for small children. A child can be asked to lie on a narrow table, which slides into a scanner. A scan may necessitate the usage of a contrast material to improve the visibility of particular tissues or blood vessels. The contrast material may be swallowed or given via an IV. Magnetic resonance imaging . MRIs make use of radio waves and magnetic areas to produce an image. MRIs can be used to look at bones, joints, and the mind. The child is normally asked to lie on a narrow table and it slides in to the middle of an MRI machine. While MRIs are not painful, they may be noisy and take a while, making them scary for some young kids. Often, children have to be sedated for MRIs.