9 tips for cutting injuries among young athletes

For example, a player who is on the track team challenges different muscles in both sports. But a swimmer who has played baseball emphasizes the arms and upper body in both sports.The board provides advice on marathons and triathlons, athletes who play the sport even more of a team, and athletes who play many different sports.

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Young athletes may be at increased risk of injury or burnout if they play the same sport more teams, or if you do not take a break from athletics during the year, the Council warns.

Long weekend tournaments can also provide injury, with athletes to play multiple times in a few days, the board members know.

Athletes, coaches and players must learn the sport of appropriate security and fluids, and avoid overtraining.

Allowed breaks as provided for training and competition every two or three months while focusing on other activities and cross-training to prevent loss of skills or conditioning.

Do not increase weekly training time, repetitions of exercises, or a distance of more than 10 percent every week.

Intensive training can cause injuries and exhaustion. So, to keep young athletes in the game, the AAP offers four tips for young athletes and their parents, doctors and coaches.

After all, if an athlete pushed himself too far, he or she could be a button with a wound that lasts weeks or months.

Keep meetings interesting, age-appropriate games and training, to keep practice fun.

The Council has published in the June issue of the journal Pediatrics, are as follows:

The athletes practicing sports more can be less likely to be injured if their sports emphasize different parts of the body.

The Council states that endurance events such as marathons and triathlons are ideal for young athletes, provided that the events are modified to be age appropriate, and the athlete is healthy and enjoys the activity.

Focus on Athletes welfare and education to be in harmony with their bodies for cues to slow down or alter their training methods.

Vaccinations, developmental milestones, healthy eating. Your little ones safe and strong.

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