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The New York Times recently , the Diva, a support group of black and Hispanic HIV-positive women more than 50 years into Harlem, NY contoured the Diva organize carried irises rental – a 15-year HIV / AIDS Center that operates many other specialties Support groups – meets every week to discuss the sexuality and sensuality, drug treatments and mental health. The members in practice and life management courses participating. – According to the Times, members of the group – ranging at ages 50 to 70 – representing the changing face of HIV / AIDS. Twenty-seven % of all AIDS cases in the U.S. Be female, compared with fewer than 5 percent twenty years ago, and black women are 23 times more likely to than white women with a Contracting HIV beyond 2005 CDC data. Blacks and Hispanics together account 82 percent of new AIDS diagnoses women, but rather account of 24 percent of the nation female population, according to CDC.