6 million complaint filed against Illinois by British Ecosse Hospital Products Gov.

Ecosse lawyer Stephen Tagge stated the complaint was filed in the Illinois Court of Claims as the state’s agreement directed that any state arising from the agreement be filed there. He further declined to comment. Melissa Merz, spokeswoman for Lawyer General Lisa Madigan says a commissioner will end up being assigned to hear the case and make a recommendation to the court. The state has 60 days to respond to Ecosse’s complaint. National attention was attracted to Blagojevich in October when he arranged to get 700, 000 doses of flu vaccine abroad amid worries over a U.S.Results Baseline Characteristics of the Patients A total of 151 patients were enrolled in the study . The %age of individuals enrolled was very similar for each of the thoracic oncologists in the clinic. No significant distinctions in demographic features or general survival were seen between the study individuals and eligible sufferers who were not really enrolled in the analysis. The baseline characteristics were well matched between your two study groups . Known prognostic elements, including age group, sex, ECOG performance position, presence or absence of brain metastases, smoking status, and initial anticancer therapy, were balanced between the study groups also.