5 % in those with the paclitaxel-FAC and radiation treatment.

The researchers were able to examine X-rays of the chest of women in both groups and was able to directly evaluate. Rates of lung injury They concluded that it statistically no difference in the rate of the radiation – induced lung toxicity between the two groups of patients; 5 % in those with the paclitaxel-FAC and radiation treatment, as compared to 4.5 % in those treated with. FAC and radiation also, the researchers reported that no patients were hospitalized and / or died as a result of pneumonitis. Fortunately, we have discovered that the rates of seriously associated lung injury very, very were were patients makes us more comfortable in using these potentially curative treatment without any reservations, says Buchholz.

We are encouraged by this early clinical feedback, which an important milestone in Mirabilis is way to develop a commercial product, we will continue to develop more advanced features in preparation for future efficacy trials in patients with fibroids, said Mirabilis CEO Mike Connolly.. This analysis demonstratedmpletes First Human Trial Of Non – invasive treatment for uterine fibroidsMirabilis Medica, a privately held medical device company, announced completion of the first study in humans, as preliminary evidence of clinical feasibility served its prototype High Intensity Focused Ultrasound system for treatment of uterine fibroids. Volunteer patients with the Mirabilis system just prior to scheduled hysterectomies, according to the uterine tissue was excised treated examined by a pathologist for effects of treatment.Petitti Petitti, Deputy Chairman of the HHS United Kingdom Preventive Services Task Force, said: ‘It will be again the question: What is the objective of pension age,’adding, ‘In my opinion, the quality of life is to be maximized and functioning. ‘She said the focus on regular mammograms may distract by longer relevant issues like high blood pressure, a low mobility, depression, chronic pain or reduced sight and hearing.