42 percent of women do not know that a glass of white wine silagra vs suhagra.

42 percent of women do not know that a glass of white wine , the same number of calories as a bag of chips, has after the Government Know Your Limits campaign.Two large glasses of white wine representing more than the recommended daily alcohol limit for women.At 370 calories, make two large glasses of wine by almost one fifth of the average woman daily calorie allowance silagra vs suhagra . Implications for men40 percent of men do not know that a pint of lager has the same number of calories as a sausage roll.A man who consumed five pints of lager one week consumed an extra 44,200 calories a year. 62 percent of of lager one week are equivalent to calories of 221 donuts in a year. Alcohol makes people hungry, adding even more calories.

Heather Caswell, British Nutrition Foundation British Nutrition Foundation said: ‘Many women do not know that two large glasses is white wine not just about them the recommended daily limit for alcohol consumption, but also provides with almost 20 % of their daily calorie allowance, as 370kcals Total most. People would shy away from at the consumer a full glass of cream, but would not think twice about a few pints. Calorie content is similar and, over time more than alcohol consumption to weight gain to weight gain. Sticking to sensible drinking habits and compliance with recommended units will not only help you off the pounds, but also help reduce the risk of serious health problems, some types of cancer and liver disease. ‘advice from advice from the British Nutrition Foundation are:.

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