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The significant contributions to new medical and surgical treatments came from the treatment of patients with chronic stable coronary artery disease . In 1994, 8 % of patients with chronic stable coronary artery disease, statins were compared to 78 % in 2005. Improvements in the treatment of heart failure patients in the community were approximately 750 approximately 750 fewer deaths . In 1994, 29 % of beta-blockers beta-blockers, compared with 67 % in 2005. Improvements in the treatment of AMI patients represented 8 % of the total deaths can be prevented or delayed. after deduction of associated deaths prevented due to the advances in pharmacological therapies. The authors add that the increasing prevalence of diabetes and body mass index had an inverse relationship with higher CHD mortality of 6 % and 2 % are assigned.

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Most studies defined the patients older than 65 years, with the starting point for inclusion ranging from 64 to 75 years.

Secondly, it is essential to talk to older people with CI and their caregivers to ensure that any improvements in quality are adequate to their needs are often complex and specific.

Last but not least, an interdisciplinary clinical screening tool for cognitive impairment, suitable for use in emergency need. Our analysis reveals a lack of research in this vital area of ​​health and it is clear that we need a better understanding of how this group of patients is assessed and treated in emergency departments, said Dr. Parke. Without this much needed research, improvement in quality could be an inefficient use of vital resources.

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